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RF Testing on Automotive Infotainment Devices

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What used to be the car radio has evolved from adding a cassette player to state of the art entertainment on the move. All this while keeping driver & passengers connected. The design challenge is to bring all the communication and broadcast standards into a small form factor that fits in the dashboard of the car. The RF modules need to support multiple standards in a single assembly and multiple modules are placed next to each other. The frequencies defined by the RF standards are in very close proximity and hence need to co-exist with each other. Moreover, the antennas inside the car are subjected to cross-coupling effects with mobile devices of passengers. To ensure the RF performance of the infotainment system, all of these scenarios need to be thoroughly tested.

This application note highlights some of the RF measurement challenges and introduces Rohde & Schwarz equipment required for relevant RF characterization of car infotainment devices.

What You’ll Learn:

  • RF Design and Measurement Challenges in Infotainment Systems
  • Test Methodology
  • Functionality Test on Infotainment Systems
  • RF Signal Generation using the BTC
  • Signal Generation using the CMW500
  • Multi-Standard RF Co-existence measurement using R&S Instruments
  • OTA Co-existence and cross-coupling measurement

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