Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers are confronted with increasingly complex electronic systems and wireless applications that require specialized T&M solutions. Rohde & Schwarz, a leading global manufacturer of wireless and RF T&M equipment and the market leader in EMC T&M solutions can help.

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Test and measurement solutions for the automotive industry

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

As automated driving becomes increasingly prevalent, sensors (both radar and video) and V2X will work together to supplement existing technologies and make driving safer.


Infotainment systems in the automotive sector are a group of components that provide comfort and safety functions. Traditional broadcast technologies such as AM, FM and DAB are being supplemented by cellular communications, connectivity, audio/video and navigation. All of these technologies require high performance antennas.

Applications for Embedded Processing

End users expect fast and reliable connectivity between a car’s infotainment system and wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets and hands-free calling systems in almost every car category. Non-cellular technologies like Bluetooth and WLAN must function correctly.

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