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Market-research firms anticipate that a combination of 12.1 million pure battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids could be on roads worldwide by 2020. Under the hood, intelligent energy management must be applied to vehicle design to meet challenges like viable driving range while running on electric power. Other issues include efficient battery charging (i.e., high power density, high efficiency, and low cost) as well as system compliance with the harsh automotive environment. This white paper discusses the value of battery-management systems, noting that an intelligent approach with innovative power-stage components is necessary to optimize the performance and lifespan of the vehicle’s battery power source. The paper then reviews the role of the bidirectional DC-DC converters needed to interconnect and transfer energy between different DC voltage buses, which in turn drive various loads in the EV or HEV. Additional information is provided for engineers engaged in the development of EV or plug-in HEV systems.

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This comprehensive whitepaper addresses the challenges engineers face when designing intelligent energy management for the harsh automotive environment. You’ll learn about:

  • Battery-management systems
  • Innovative approach to power-state components
  • Bidirectional DC-DC converters
  • EV and Plug-in HEV systems

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