New ICs Step Up Gesture-Recognition, Parking-Assist Tech

Developed by Elmos Semiconductor, the devices simplify the design of infotainment and driver-assistance systems.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Automotive sensors monitor and [...]

Forging New Partnerships to Develop Infotainment Applications for Smart Cars

Maxim is now working with Qualcomm, Cypress Semi with Pioneer, Immersion with Toyodenso, and Google with Hyundai.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Maybe you should file this [...]

Inductors and LED Drivers: What You Need to Know

Although light-emitting diodes (LEDs) first appeared in cars and trucks for interior or exterior lighting, they’re rapidly replacing every light source in the vehicle including headlights—even on [...]

Automotive Applications Drive Class D Audio Amplifier Performance

[Sponsored by Coilcraft] Advances in Class D amplifiers have opened the doors into higher-end apps, but the choice of inductor is crucial toward optimizing their performance.

100Base-T1 Ethernet PHY Simplifies Space-Constrained Automotive Design

The 100-Mb/s single-pair PHY transceiver with SGMII support lets designers pack more capability and intelligence into automotive networks

Augmented Reality Will Drive the Next Generation of Infotainment Systems

Apple files an AR automotive patent application, while Mercedes-Benz is set to debut AR on its 2019 A-Class model.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor As a member of the fourth estate, [...]

NXP and Alibaba Join Forces for Next-Generation Smart Cockpits

By 2020, the two companies look to install an infotainment solution in millions of vehicles throughout China.

Infotainment Design Technologies, Trends Highlighted at MWC

Automakers and electronics companies continue to raise the bar in terms of intelligence and connectivity for the car.   By Dale Ford, Contributing Editor Just as automotive exhibitors and [...]

Head unit block diagram created for you

Find reference designs and complementary ICs broken down by subsystem chosen for aftermarket head units that enable you to integrate infotainment features into one robust system and ease installation.

Automotive Infotainment Systems Demand Diverse Design Solutions

The hype and overblown expectations continue. And the auto companies along with the many OEM and technology suppliers are collectively spending billions of dollars to create the first practical [...]

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