Volkswagen Reveals Mobile Fast-Charger for EVs

An efficient network of charging points is one of the basic infrastructural prerequisites for convincing customers to buy electric vehicles. Using the 100-kW dc fast-charging station, a [...]

BMW, Porsche Demo EV Charger that Gives 100-Kilomter Range in 3 Minutes

The station’s 450-kW charging capacity allows for a significant reduction in charging times. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Fast, convenient charging solutions increase the attractiveness [...]

NXP’s Battery-Cell Controller Targets HEVs and EVs

The MC33771x Battery Cell Controllers targets hybrid electric and electric-vehicle battery systems. By William Wong, Senior Technology Editor, Electronic Design NXP’s MC3377x Battery Cell [...]

Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Target HEVs, EVs

The larger current-handling capability of the ZS series capacitors from Panasonic helps contribute to miniaturization.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor With the growing demand for [...]

Porsche’s Modular “Electric Pit Stop” Aims for Cost-Effective Fast Charging

The system offers 800-V, 20-minute charging and accessibility in more locations. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor At present, all components needed for quickly charging EVs are installed in [...]

A Faster, More Cost-Effective Way to Model High-Performance Motors

This article guides design engineers through an automated methodology to quickly create more accurate 1D motor models while significantly reducing the motor analysis workflow.   By John [...]

UK to Mandate EV Chargers for Newly Built Homes, Streetlight Poles

One major hurdle in the mass adoption of electric vehicles is “range anxiety,” which is a fear of not having enough range to reach a destination.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor The [...]

BMW Launches Inductive Wireless Charging for HEVs

The automaker’s inductive system has a charge rate of up to 3.2 kW, and fully charges in around 3.5 hours.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor BMW has launched a wireless-charging [...]

Waymo Offers Glimpse of its Autonomous Car Technology

The autonomous car testing game is heating up and not just with the arrival of warmer weather. Unless you’ve spent the past few years in a cave, and possibly even then, you know that Google’s [...]

ABB Fast Charger Delivers 350 KW for Electric Cars

ABB’s Terra HP fast charger can deliver 350 KW to electric vehicles.   By William Wong, Technical Editor ABB’s Terra HP family has a new addition that can deliver up to 350 KW (see photo). [...]