Toshiba Expands Ethernet Bridge IC Lineup for Automotive Apps

Helping to bring connectivity that’s lacking in existing systems, the AEC-Q100 grade-3-qualified parts support the new Ethernet AVB specification. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor More and [...]

Mitsubishi Electric Unveils AI-Based HMI, Multilayer Cyber Defense for Head Units

HMI enables verbal, natural dialogs with navigation system. Defense approach combines intrusion detection system, secure booting and authentication. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor A [...]

STMicroelectronics Sampling Embedded PCM for Automotive MCUs

The phase-change memory technology will support faster and more complex computing needs in automotive systems. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor As automotive applications become more [...]

STMicro’s Automotive MCU Enables Secure Remote Updates

The SPC58 Chorus H Line offers a triple-core solution (200 MHz) and is pin-to-pin compatible with ST’s SPC58 4B and SPC58 C lines of MCUs. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Critical vehicle [...]

Design and Test Solutions for Automotive & Energy

The auto industry is rapidly moving toward what might be called “total vehicle electrification,” in which everything that can be powered by electricity rather than hydraulics or belts will [...]

U.S. to Rewrite Rules that Obstruct Autonomous Car Development

DoT focuses on removing unnecessary barriers and issuing voluntary guidance rather than regulations.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Emphasizing that “fully automated cars and [...]

Honda Joins with Cruise, GM to Build Autonomous Vehicles

The company will invest $2.75 billion over 12 years to develop vehicles designed from the ground up for autonomous operation. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Honda and Cruise, General [...]

Amazon Makes Alexa Your Co-Pilot

Drivers will increasingly be able to operate their cars and access functions and information by simply speaking.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Amazon’s voice-enabled [...]

Toyota Invests $500M in Uber to Accelerate Autonomous Car Development

The company’s big bet on autonomous vehicles will integrate Uber’s automated driving system with Toyota’s Guardian technology.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Toyota Motor Corp. [...]

First Real-World Application of C-V2X Demo’d in Colorado