Hudway Sight Turns Any Helmet or Smartphone into a Head-up Display

Anything on your smartphone screen can be transmitted to the HUD, bringing data into your line of sight.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Most people carry cell phones on their person, [...]

IIHS Examines Driver-Assistance Features in Real-World Tests

After performing several Level 2 tests, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety moves toward a consumer rating system for ADAS.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor With all of the [...]

High-Voltage Vehicle Systems Are Here To Stay

The auto industry is rapidly moving toward what might be called “total vehicle electrification,” in which everything that can be powered by electricity rather than hydraulics or belts will [...]

Assistance System Relies on Camera Signals to Detect Aquaplaning Early

Continental’s solution detects road condition by sensing the grip between the tires and the road, and coupled with data from cameras, sends a warning to the driver.   By Christoph [...]

Low EMI/EMC Emission Switching Converter Eases ADAS Designs

It can be tough to find a power-conversion device that meets the broad voltage range in today’s automotive ADAS. A novel low-EMI buck converter simplifies that search.   By Tony Armstrong, [...]

DSRC vs. C-V2X Death Match

There’s a tug-of-war going on between which wireless technology should rule the ADAS roost—the established DRSC or the relatively new C-V2X.

How Will Radar Sensor Technology Shape Cars of the Future?

As millimeter-wave radar expands into the mid-range automotive market, developers are now looking at high-resolution radar for short-range and autonomous-car applications.

Dual-Camera-Capable SoC Steps Up ADAS Vision Systems

The R-Car V3H is Renesas latest automotive power house designed to meet automotive ISO 26262 standards.   By William Wong, Senior Technology Editor Image recognition using two cameras for [...]

ON Semi Introduces AEC-Q100 Image Sensors for Dash Cams

With its 1928 × 1088 active-pixel array, the CMOS sensor delivers both low-light and high-dynamic-range scene performance.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor With insurance companies [...]

ADAS Applications Drive Advances in Image-Processing Architectures

The hype and overblown expectations continue. And the auto companies along with the many OEM and technology suppliers are collectively spending billions of dollars to create the first practical [...]

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