NXP’s Battery-Cell Controller Targets HEVs and EVs

The MC33771x Battery Cell Controllers targets hybrid electric and electric-vehicle battery systems. By William Wong, Senior Technology Editor, Electronic Design NXP’s MC3377x Battery Cell [...]

ABB Fast Charger Delivers 350 KW for Electric Cars

ABB’s Terra HP fast charger can deliver 350 KW to electric vehicles.   By William Wong, Technical Editor ABB’s Terra HP family has a new addition that can deliver up to 350 KW (see photo). [...]

Dual-Camera-Capable SoC Steps Up ADAS Vision Systems

The R-Car V3H is Renesas latest automotive power house designed to meet automotive ISO 26262 standards.   By William Wong, Senior Technology Editor Image recognition using two cameras for [...]

Dibotics, Renesas Join Forces on 3D SLAM

Dibotics brings its 3D SLAM technology and Renesas adds its R-CAR to deliver advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).   By William Wong, Technical Editor Autonomous, self-driving cars [...]

eUFS Flash Memory Handles Automotive Requirements

Samsung’s latest 256 Gbyte eUFS flash memory chip handles rugged, automotive environments.   By William Wong, Technical Editor Samsung Electronics is now mass-producing its 256-Gbyte [...]

NXP Automated Drive Kit Gets Developers Started with Autonomous Vehicle Control

By William Wong, Technical Editor NXP and worked with AutonomousStuff to deliver the NXP Automated Drive Kit. Building a system to control an autonomous vehicle requires combining a wide range of [...]

3D LiDAR Delivers Automotive Solutions

By William Wong, Technical Editor One of the hot technologies at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is 3D LiDAR, which will be critical to the success of autonomous and semi-autonomous [...]

Going Solo with Electric Cars

By William Wong, Technical Editor If you’re on the hunt for a personal electric vehicle, check out Electra Meccanica’s Solo (see photo). The company will be showing it at this year’s Consumer [...]

With Apps and Cars, It’s Location, Location, Location

Automotive, location-based applications will go beyond just their navigation capabilities. By William Wong, Technical Editor A global-positioning-system (GPS) radio is now found in most [...]

Seven Pillars to Secure Self-Driving Cars

Sandeep Chennakeshu, president of BlackBerry Technology Solutions, recently introduced the white paper entitled “Cybersecurity for Automobiles: BlackBerry’s 7-Pillar Recommendation,” which [...]

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