Bosch, Daimler to Launch Autonomous Car Trials in California

NVIDIA has been tabbed to provide the processors and AI platform for the self-driving taxi and ride-sharing tests.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor In an effort to speed up [...]

Xilinx, Daimler to Develop AI-Based Automotive Applications

The Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP)platform will utilize low-latency, power-efficient FPGA/SoC solutions.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Xilinx and Daimler AG, parent [...]

UK to Mandate EV Chargers for Newly Built Homes, Streetlight Poles

One major hurdle in the mass adoption of electric vehicles is “range anxiety,” which is a fear of not having enough range to reach a destination.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor The [...]

NXP Unveils S32 Automotive Safety Processors

Claimed to have the highest ASIL D performance, the microprocessors manage the systems that control vehicle dynamics in electric and autonomous vehicles.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing [...]

Self-Riding Motorcycle Helps ADAS, Autonomous Vehicle Testing

This new autonomous motorcycle makes it possible to perform tests under more real-life conditions and circumstances   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor The combination of rapid [...]

BMW Launches Inductive Wireless Charging for HEVs

The automaker’s inductive system has a charge rate of up to 3.2 kW, and fully charges in around 3.5 hours.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor BMW has launched a wireless-charging [...]

Waymo Offers Glimpse of its Autonomous Car Technology

The autonomous car testing game is heating up and not just with the arrival of warmer weather. Unless you’ve spent the past few years in a cave, and possibly even then, you know that Google’s [...]

NTSB: Uber’s Autonomous Car Had Disabled Emergency Braking System

Early results seem to indicate a conflict between Volvo’s ADAS system programming and Uber’s software stack for autonomous-vehicle operation.

100Base-T1 Ethernet PHY Simplifies Space-Constrained Automotive Design

The 100-Mb/s single-pair PHY transceiver with SGMII support lets designers pack more capability and intelligence into automotive networks

Toyota, Lexus Commit to DSRC V2X Starting in 2021

Toyota Motor Company plans to start deployment of dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) systems on its Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles sold in the United States starting in 2021, with the [...]

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