BMW and Jaguar to Collaborate on Next-Gen Electrification Tech

The drive units, targeting electric vehicles, will be based on BMW Group’s “Gen 5” eDrive technology. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor As the automotive industry tackles the significant [...]

These Inductors and Magnetic Chokes Target Automotive Applications

Comparing Components One of the key design tasks after deciding on a circuit topology is component selection. The task for the designer is to go from knowing the desired inductance value to [...]

Over 11.2 Million Vehicles Will Have V2X Communications in 2024

IHS Markit predicts cellular V2X (C-V2X) will surpass DSRC-based solutions by 2020 due to rapid deployment in China. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor A major driving force for the [...]

MIPI’s High-Speed Auto Standard to be Based on Valens Tech

The Automotive Physical Layer standard will support in-vehicle video transmission from 2 Gb/s to 48Gb/s and above. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor In-vehicle connectivity is evolving to [...]

ROHM Offers New Lineup of Automotive-Grade 1200-V-Rated IGBTs

Among the applications for these devices are electric compressors, inverters, and switching circuits. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor An increasing number of automotive makers are offering [...]

Infineon to Expand Its ADAS and RF R&D Centers

The Linz and Graz facilities in Austria focus on 77-GHz radar, LiDAR, and RFID solutions. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor In today’s competitive world, the time between the debut of [...]

GM, Ford, and Toyota Team Up to Advance Self-driving Standards

Three major automakers and SAE formed a consortium to draw up safety and test guidelines for Level 4 and 5 automated systems. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor General Motors, Ford, and [...]

European Commission Chooses Technology for its Connected-Car Legislation 

The Wi-Fi-based 802.11p gets the nod over 5G cellular, causing consternation with the GSMA and leaving telecom firms wondering what’s in store for them in this space. By Murray Slovick, [...]

In-Wheel Motor Prototypes Developed for Electric Vehicles

The University of Waterloo and Nidec Corp. reveal wheel-hub systems that incorporate traction motors.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor While the number of roadways is likely to stay about [...]

Volvo to Test Full-Size Driverless Bus in Singapore

Developed with Singapore’s NTU, the electric bus is able to accommodate 85 passengers and consumes 80% less energy than equivalent diesel-powered vehicles. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor [...]