Toshiba Expands Ethernet Bridge IC Lineup for Automotive Apps

Helping to bring connectivity that’s lacking in existing systems, the AEC-Q100 grade-3-qualified parts support the new Ethernet AVB specification. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor More and [...]

Mitsubishi Electric Unveils AI-Based HMI, Multilayer Cyber Defense for Head Units

HMI enables verbal, natural dialogs with navigation system. Defense approach combines intrusion detection system, secure booting and authentication. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor A [...]

Volkswagen Reveals Mobile Fast-Charger for EVs

An efficient network of charging points is one of the basic infrastructural prerequisites for convincing customers to buy electric vehicles. Using the 100-kW dc fast-charging station, a [...]

Ambarella Introduces Automotive Camera SoC for ADAS

Ambarella’s low-power and high-resolution video compression, image processing, and deep-neural-network processors and software enable cameras to become more intelligent by extracting valuable [...]

STMicroelectronics Sampling Embedded PCM for Automotive MCUs

The phase-change memory technology will support faster and more complex computing needs in automotive systems. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor As automotive applications become more [...]

BMW, Porsche Demo EV Charger that Gives 100-Kilomter Range in 3 Minutes

The station’s 450-kW charging capacity allows for a significant reduction in charging times. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Fast, convenient charging solutions increase the attractiveness [...]

Serializer Supports High-Speed Camera, Radar, and LiDAR Sensors

Compliant with the MIPI CSI-2 interface for video data, TI’s DS90UB935-Q1 offers a bandwidth of over 2.5 Gb/s for automotive applications. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Together with a [...]

INICnet Supports Ethernet, Audio, and Video Over a Single Cable

Able to coexist with automotive Ethernet, INICnet simplifies infotainment networking with its ability to link IP-based communication across vehicle domains. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor [...]

STMicro’s Automotive MCU Enables Secure Remote Updates

The SPC58 Chorus H Line offers a triple-core solution (200 MHz) and is pin-to-pin compatible with ST’s SPC58 4B and SPC58 C lines of MCUs. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Critical vehicle [...]

Continental’s Virtual A Pillar Eliminates Forward Blind Spots

The camera and display system is designed to address a growing visibility problem on vehicles that need widened front pillars to meet mandatory safety test standards. By Murray Slovick, [...]