Don’t Overlook Inductors in Your Designs

Things We Would Not Have Without Inductors Take a minute or so and think of some electronic products or circuits that would not exist or be practical if there were no such thing as inductors. [...]

DSRC vs. C-V2X Death Match

There’s a tug-of-war going on between which wireless technology should rule the ADAS roost—the established DRSC or the relatively new C-V2X.

7 Factors Critical to the Success of Self-Driving Cars

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ADAS + V2X Trumps Self-Driving

Radar waveforms have long been associated with defense electronics systems and early-warning systems in military applications. But radar technology is also bringing new levels of safety and [...]

Achieving Wireless Coexistence

Automobiles have always been major electrical noise generators. Ignition noise blanked AM radio reception in early models until the auto makers figured out how to eliminate it. Then, as more [...]

5 Critical Characteristics Concerning Connected Cars

Several significant issues must still be addressed before autonomous vehicles become the norm.