Cypress Semiconductor Doubles Down on Car Connectivity

By James Morra, Contributing Editor Cypress Semiconductor released an automotive chip that supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without the performance loss caused by real-time switching between [...]

Maxim Integrated Trims Cost of Battery Management in Electric Cars

By James Morra, Contributing Editor Since companies plan to manufacture more hybrid and electric vehicles, Maxim Integrated has released a new chip for lithium-ion battery management systems. It [...]

Qualcomm Targets the Center Console of Connected Cars

By James Morra, Contributing Editor Qualcomm is trying to buy NXP Semiconductors, the largest supplier of automotive chips, to tow it out of the smartphone business and into faster growing [...]

Should You Shut Out Hackers from Inside the Car or the Cloud?

By James Morra, Associate Content Producer The security schemes built to protect connected cars from hackers will extend from the electronics architecture to the cloud, where programs will cut [...]

Car Companies Take Battery Design into Their Own Hands

The battery is a delicately engineered device, with the power density and recharging speed determined by the cell’s chemical composition, shape and size, and its reaction to extremely high and [...]

Shell Buys EV Charging Network NewMotion

With a move toward hybrid stations, the oil and gas firm diversifies its offerings to serve electric vehicles.