Assistance System Relies on Camera Signals to Detect Aquaplaning Early

Continental’s solution detects road condition by sensing the grip between the tires and the road, and coupled with data from cameras, sends a warning to the driver.   By Christoph [...]

Volkswagen Electrifies (Almost) Entire Model Range

With the latest Golf models and upcoming I.D.,it’s Volkswagen’s intention to democratize the electrification of mobility.   By Christoph Hammerschmidt, Contributing Editor With the [...]

Electric Mobility Threatens Stability of Electricity Supply, Study Says

By Christoph Hammerschmidt, Contributing Editor Many see electric driving as a technology of the future. But it’s not that simple: An analysis by consulting firm Oliver Wyman warns of [...]

Denso Buys Smart Automotive Access Company InfiniKey

Today’s remote car keys don’t meet the increased needs for flexible, automotive comfortable access control solutions anymore. Many observers believe that smartphone-based software / hardware [...]

New Substrates Improve Thermal Management of Power Circuits

Substrates are base material of a circuit board. As such, they play a decisive role in the design of compact assemblies, as they must have high thermal conductivity. Only then can they dissipate [...]

Karamba Heals CAN bus’ Innate Lack of Security

As automobiles become increasingly networked, they are also increasingly becoming the target of cyber-attacks. One of the most vulnerable elements of vehicles is the venerable CAN bus – at the [...]

Agile Sensor Technology May Surpass Lidar

Robotic perception startup AEye (Pleasanton, CA) has demonstrated what it calls a new form of intelligent data collection through optical sensors: iDAR. The acronym is not a typo but stands for [...]

Hella Develops Communication Concept for Automated Vehicles

Before pedestrians cross the road in front of a car, they usually seek eye contact with the driver. This could change in the future. Because when fully automated vehicles are on the road, the [...]

USB Hub Chips Allow Flexible Infotainment Options

The new smart hub ICs provide a range of specific USB configurations including single- and dual-bus implementations for optimal connection to infotainment systems. This article previously [...]

Toyota: Human-Centric Approach Through AI

Toyota is propagating a "partnership-based relationship between man and car" with the presentation of new concept cars of the Concept-i family at the Tokyo Motor Show (25 October to 5 November).

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