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Radar Waveforms for A&D and Automotive Radar

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This White Paper provides a detailed review of radar waveforms for Aerospace and Defense and commercial radar systems, as well as commercial radar sensors such as those used in automotive safety applications. Waveforms such as pulse and pulse-Doppler signal, continuous wave and frequency shift keying waveforms are described.

It also shows continuous waveform trends designed for specific needs and application differences of continuous wave radar compared to pulse radar systems.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Radar Waveforms
  • Range Measurement
  • Pulse Radar
  • Pulse Compression Radar
  • Radial Velocity Measurement
  • Continues Wave Radar (CW)
  • Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • Simultaneous Range and Radial Velocity Measurement
  • Linear Frequency Modulated Continues Wave Radar (LFMCW)
  • Frequency Shift Keying Radar (FSK)
  • Multiple Frequency Shift Keying Radar (MFSK)
  • Chirp Sequence Radar (CS)
  • The Agony of Choice

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