These Inductors and Magnetic Chokes Target Automotive Applications

Comparing Components One of the key design tasks after deciding on a circuit topology is component selection. The task for the designer is to go from knowing the desired inductance value to [...]

Don’t Overlook Inductors in Your Designs

Things We Would Not Have Without Inductors Take a minute or so and think of some electronic products or circuits that would not exist or be practical if there were no such thing as inductors. [...]

Over 11.2 Million Vehicles Will Have V2X Communications in 2024

IHS Markit predicts cellular V2X (C-V2X) will surpass DSRC-based solutions by 2020 due to rapid deployment in China. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor A major driving force for the [...]

MIPI’s High-Speed Auto Standard to be Based on Valens Tech

The Automotive Physical Layer standard will support in-vehicle video transmission from 2 Gb/s to 48Gb/s and above. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor In-vehicle connectivity is evolving to [...]