Volkswagen Reveals Mobile Fast-Charger for EVs

An efficient network of charging points is one of the basic infrastructural prerequisites for convincing customers to buy electric vehicles. Using the 100-kW dc fast-charging station, a [...]

Ambarella Introduces Automotive Camera SoC for ADAS

Ambarella’s low-power and high-resolution video compression, image processing, and deep-neural-network processors and software enable cameras to become more intelligent by extracting valuable [...]

STMicroelectronics Sampling Embedded PCM for Automotive MCUs

The phase-change memory technology will support faster and more complex computing needs in automotive systems. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor As automotive applications become more [...]

BMW, Porsche Demo EV Charger that Gives 100-Kilometer Range in 3 Minutes

The station’s 450-kW charging capacity allows for a significant reduction in charging times. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Fast, convenient charging solutions increase the attractiveness [...]