Serializer Supports High-Speed Camera, Radar, and LiDAR Sensors

Compliant with the MIPI CSI-2 interface for video data, TI’s DS90UB935-Q1 offers a bandwidth of over 2.5 Gb/s for automotive applications. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Together with a [...]

INICnet Supports Ethernet, Audio, and Video Over a Single Cable

Able to coexist with automotive Ethernet, INICnet simplifies infotainment networking with its ability to link IP-based communication across vehicle domains. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor [...]

STMicro’s Automotive MCU Enables Secure Remote Updates

The SPC58 Chorus H Line offers a triple-core solution (200 MHz) and is pin-to-pin compatible with ST’s SPC58 4B and SPC58 C lines of MCUs. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Critical vehicle [...]

NXP’s Battery-Cell Controller Targets HEVs and EVs

The MC33771x Battery Cell Controllers targets hybrid electric and electric-vehicle battery systems. By William Wong, Senior Technology Editor, Electronic Design NXP’s MC3377x Battery Cell [...]

Continental’s Virtual A Pillar Eliminates Forward Blind Spots

The camera and display system is designed to address a growing visibility problem on vehicles that need widened front pillars to meet mandatory safety test standards. By Murray Slovick, [...]