Automotive Passive Media Hub Reference Design with Charging and Enhanced Data Path Performance

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

This automotive reference design demonstrates a unique approach for media ports that require data transfers, with the capability to support USB 2.0 through a 15-W USB Type-C™ port.


  • Small solution size based on typical media interface board dimensions of 1″ x 2″
  • Short-to-battery protection and load dump protection against input transients up to 40V
  • Automotive grade LMS3635-Q1 optimized power supply through unique Hotrod™ package and reduces parasitics to mitigate EMI without interfering with AM or FM band frequencies
  • TUSB213-Q1 provides optimized high-speed performance to pass USB-IF electrical compliance tests to meet USB-IF near end and far-end eye test up to 3m
  • Compatible with leading on-the-go (OTG) systems


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