Closed-loop, Multichannel A2B Audio Testing

By Julien Happich, Contributing Editor

In collaboration with Mentor, a Siemens business, Audio Precision is now supporting multichannel audio performance testing of A2B (Automotive Audio Bus) systems and components. A2B is the digital audio bus technology developed by Analog Devices to deliver high-quality audio over an unshielded, twisted-pair wire. By distributing audio and control data together with clock and power over a single wire, A2B significantly reduces the weight of existing cable harnesses (by upwards of 75% in key applications), resulting in improved vehicle fuel efficiency.

From simulation and bench testing in early-stage development, to validation and production testing, having a closed-loop system to measure audio and dynamic signal performance over an A2B network is an integral part of incorporating the bus technology into next-generation automotive systems. By combining the capabilities of Audio Precision’s APx500 audio analyzers and software, and Mentor’s A2B Analyzer System and software, developers can easily create a complete, closed-loop multichannel A2B audio test system.

Figure 1

Within this test system, the Mentor analyzer platform provides straightforward A2B network configuration and simulation, as well as flexible routing, and high-fidelity audio. The APx audio analyzer delivers comprehensive, multichannel audio measurement analysis and offers a wide range of interface options, including analog, Bluetooth, digital serial (TDM) and PDM. Working as a complete system, these tools eliminate the effort required to develop, and support, in-house, custom test solutions.

This article originally appeared on EENews Europe

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