BMW Teams with Solid Power on Battery Technology

By Nick Flaherty, Contributing Editor

BMW is working with a spin off from the University of Colorado on new solid state battery technology for its electric cars. It is working with Solid Power to boost the performance of its xEV batteries for electric vehicle applications. These use a proprietary inorganic materials developed at Colorado that can be used for batteries with energy density two to three times higher than lithium ion without volatile or flammable components through the combination of a high capacity lithium metal anode with a high ionic conductivity solid separator.

The company saw an investment in September from A123 Systems which has been working with the US Argonne National Lab and also invested in another battery company, Wildcat Discovery Technologies.

Figure 1

“Since the company’s inception, the Solid Power team has worked to develop and scale a competitive solid-state battery paying special attention to safety, performance, and cost,” said Doug Campbell, founder and CEO of Solid Power. “Collaborating with BMW is further validation that solid-state battery innovations will continue to improve electric vehicles. We’re looking forward to working with BMW on pushing the limits on developments around xEV batteries.”

The company is also developing batteries for portable electronics, aircraft, and satellites and recently moved into a state-of-the-art facility in Louisville, Colorado, that will allow it to triple its footprint and build out the capabilities necessary to deliver commercial-quality solid-state battery prototypes from new material synthesis through cell and battery assembly. It also expects to double its executive and development team over the next three years.

This article originally appeared on EENews Europe

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