Can the GNSS Connection Solve Fully Autonomous Driving Challenges?

The jury is still out on whether GNSS can be an effective tool in driverless cars due to issues regarding multiple communications protocols, longer-range accuracy, and cost.

Automotive Radar Sensors – RF Signal Analysis and Inference Tests

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Automated GNSS Performance Tests For ERA-Glonass Modules

Effective January 1, 2017, all newly registered cars, trucks and buses in Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union must be equipped with the ERA-Glonass automatic emergency call system. In an [...]

CMW Cards: Enabling Mobility & Roaming Testing for Connected Cars

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BMW, Daimler, Ford, VW Joint Venture to Add 400 Charging Stations in Europe by 2020

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Fisker’s Rise, Fall, and Rise?

Once hailed as a game-changing EV automaker, the carmaker is reborn under its original founder and making remarkable claims around solid-state battery technology.

Delivering 3D Graphics to Entry-Class Vehicles

The Renesas R-Car D3 system delivers 3D graphics and high-end audio support for entry-class vehicles that have usually come with 3D graphic instrument clusters. It will allow developers to share [...]

Is the Fully Autonomous Car Just Around the Corner?

We keep hearing announcements from automotive manufacturers and others that a fully autonomous car that conforms to the SAE Level 5 international standard will be on the market by somewhere [...]

11 Myths About High-Speed SerDes Design for ADAS

Designing boards for automotive driver-assist systems with SerDes chipsets has prompted a number of myths and misconceptions. This article looks to debunk those fallacies.

USB Hub Chips Allow Flexible Infotainment Options

The new smart hub ICs provide a range of specific USB configurations including single- and dual-bus implementations for optimal connection to infotainment systems. This article previously [...]