Toshiba Doubles Driving Range Of Fast Charge Lithium Batteries

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By Nick Flaherty, Contributing Editor

Toshiba has launched its next generation lithium battery technology, providing 320km of driving range with just 6 minutes of charging.

chart titled Comparison of EV drive ranges at various charging times

The new SCiB cell uses a new material to double the capacity of the battery anode from 176Wh/l, providing three times the distance possible with current lithium-ion batteries and allowing safer fast charging.

It uses a titanium niobium oxide anode material that has double the lithium storage capacity by volume of the graphite-based anodes used in the current lithium-ion batteries and is a lot less susceptibel to the metal dendrites that cause fires in lithium batteries. Toshiba has developed a proprietary method for synthesizing and disarranging crystals of titanium niobium oxide and storing lithium ions more efficiently in the crystal structure.

“We are very excited by the potential of the new titanium niobium oxide anode and the next-generation SCiB,” said Dr Osamu Hori, Director of Corporate Research & Development Center at Toshiba. “Rather than an incremental improvement, this is a game changing advance that will make a significant difference to the range and performance of EV. We will continue to improve the battery’s performance and aim to put the next-generation SCiB into practical application in fiscal year 2019.”

A 50Ah prototype of the new battery has confirmed that it retains the long life cycle, low-temperature operation, It maintains over 90% of its initial capacity after being put through 5,000 charge/discharge cycles, and ultra-rapid recharging can be done in cold conditions, with temperatures as low as -10°C, in only ten minutes.

Toshiba aims to commercialize the technology next year.

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