Samsung’s Processors to Displace Qualcomm’s in Audis, Suggests Report

By Julien Happich, Contributing Technical Editor According to a report from Korean IT newsmedia etnews, Samsung Electronics is planning to release application processors specifically aimed at car [...]

Cypress Semiconductor Doubles Down on Car Connectivity

By James Morra, Contributing Editor Cypress Semiconductor released an automotive chip that supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without the performance loss caused by real-time switching between [...]

Qualcomm Targets the Center Console of Connected Cars

By James Morra, Contributing Editor Qualcomm is trying to buy NXP Semiconductors, the largest supplier of automotive chips, to tow it out of the smartphone business and into faster growing [...]

With Apps and Cars, It’s Location, Location, Location

Automotive, location-based applications will go beyond just their navigation capabilities. By William Wong, Technical Editor A global-positioning-system (GPS) radio is now found in most [...]

Infotainment: What’s Next & the Challenge of Testing It

Infotainment systems have become a central hub for a number of vehicle functions, all running on a large touch display generally in the center of the dashboard. With vehicle and driver [...]

CMW Cards: Enabling Mobility & Roaming Testing for Connected Cars

Autonomous driving is an aspiration to multiple professionals within the automotive market segment and there is a large devotion to making it a reality everywhere. A key part to achieving the [...]

Delivering 3D Graphics to Entry-Class Vehicles

The Renesas R-Car D3 system delivers 3D graphics and high-end audio support for entry-class vehicles that have usually come with 3D graphic instrument clusters. It will allow developers to share [...]

USB Hub Chips Allow Flexible Infotainment Options

The new smart hub ICs provide a range of specific USB configurations including single- and dual-bus implementations for optimal connection to infotainment systems. This article previously [...]

Are Standards Ready for In-Vehicle Infotainment?

The IVI market is growing rapidly as consumers look to continue their mobile connectivity experience in the car, using solutions that rely on both wired and wireless approaches.

In-Vehicle Audio Demands Drive Signal-Processing Innovations

[Sponsored by Texas Instruments] The availability of advanced signal-processing hardware, software, tools, and innovative techniques are allowing designers to respond quickly to demanding and [...]

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