A Faster, Longer-Range E-Racer Debuts

The fully-electric next generation car to be used in FIA’s 2018–19 Formula E Street Racing Championship shows a strikingly futuristic new design.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Technical [...]

Understanding current sensing in HEV/EV batteries

Electric Mobility Threatens Stability of Electricity Supply, Study Says

By Christoph Hammerschmidt, Contributing Editor Many see electric driving as a technology of the future. But it’s not that simple: An analysis by consulting firm Oliver Wyman warns of [...]

Challenges and Solutions for Power Testing in Automotive Applications

This technical overview provides a synopsis of automotive electronic systems, the challenges they face and what tools automotive electronics engineers need to meet them. It concludes with a [...]

Increasing Reliability and Efficiency in Next Generation Power Converter Designs (Part 1)

This is part one in a four part series that takes a look at each stage of the power converter design cycle. At each stage we will look at design and test challenges of next generation power [...]

High Voltage Connectors Handle up to 450A in Electric Vehicles

By Nick Flaherty, Contributing Editor Rosenberger GmbH, based in Tittmoning, Germany, has launched a new series of high-voltage connector systems developed especially for power transmission in [...]

Maxim Integrated Trims Cost of Battery Management in Electric Cars

By James Morra, Contributing Editor Since companies plan to manufacture more hybrid and electric vehicles, Maxim Integrated has released a new chip for lithium-ion battery management systems. It [...]

Going Solo with Electric Cars

By William Wong, Technical Editor If you’re on the hunt for a personal electric vehicle, check out Electra Meccanica’s Solo (see photo). The company will be showing it at this year’s Consumer [...]

New Substrates Improve Thermal Management of Power Circuits

Substrates are base material of a circuit board. As such, they play a decisive role in the design of compact assemblies, as they must have high thermal conductivity. Only then can they dissipate [...]

BMW Teams with Solid Power on Battery Technology

BMW is working with a spin off from the University of Colorado on new solid state battery technology for its electric cars. It is working with Solid Power to boost the performance of its xEV [...]

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