BMW, Daimler, Ford, VW Joint Venture to Add 400 Charging Stations in Europe by 2020

A group of four automakers has teamed up to build a network of fast chargers across Europe as countries promote electric vehicles (EVs) as a way to meet emissions goals. Called Ionity and based [...]

Fisker’s Rise, Fall, and Rise?

Once hailed as a game-changing EV automaker, the carmaker is reborn under its original founder and making remarkable claims around solid-state battery technology.

Shell Buys EV Charging Network NewMotion

With a move toward hybrid stations, the oil and gas firm diversifies its offerings to serve electric vehicles.

EV Charging Solutions Are On The the Rise

EV owners are struggling to find charging stations and have the freedom to drive wherever they want, but current projects and technology developments plan to make it much easier in the future.

EV Charging Developments Ease Range Anxiety

[Sponsored by Texas Instruments] Charge-point proliferation and battery improvements allow electrics to go the "extra miles."

Advanced Power Electronics Deliver Needed Voltage Boost to EVs

[Sponsored by Texas Instruments] As more hybrid-electric and electric vehicles enter the mainstream, designers are stepping up with new processes and products to meet inherent power-conversion [...]

Fundamentals of designing with LDOs in automotive battery direct connect applications

In the automotive world, a low-dropout linear regulator (LDO) offers good voltage ripple suppression and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance, especially when compared to DC/DC converters.

Toshiba Doubles Driving Range Of Fast Charge Lithium Batteries

Toshiba has launched its next generation lithium battery technology, providing 320km of driving range with just 6 minutes of charging.