Should You Shut Out Hackers from Inside the Car or the Cloud?

By James Morra, Associate Content Producer The security schemes built to protect connected cars from hackers will extend from the electronics architecture to the cloud, where programs will cut [...]

Denso Buys Smart Automotive Access Company InfiniKey

Today’s remote car keys don’t meet the increased needs for flexible, automotive comfortable access control solutions anymore. Many observers believe that smartphone-based software / hardware [...]

Karamba Heals CAN bus’ Innate Lack of Security

As automobiles become increasingly networked, they are also increasingly becoming the target of cyber-attacks. One of the most vulnerable elements of vehicles is the venerable CAN bus – at the [...]

Hella Develops Communication Concept for Automated Vehicles

Before pedestrians cross the road in front of a car, they usually seek eye contact with the driver. This could change in the future. Because when fully automated vehicles are on the road, the [...]

Seven Pillars to Secure Self-Driving Cars

Sandeep Chennakeshu, president of BlackBerry Technology Solutions, recently introduced the white paper entitled “Cybersecurity for Automobiles: BlackBerry’s 7-Pillar Recommendation,” which [...]

Will We Ever Stop Gridlock?

Mobility is essential for urban life but in growing megacities like New York, commuters still spend hours stuck in traffic jams. Urban areas are packed with taxis circulating in different [...]

Combine AUTOSAR Standards for High-Performance In-Car Computers

Adaptive AUTOSAR paves the way for expandability in ECU software in vehicles. By replacing the trusted domain controller architectures with powerful control units via new processors, Ethernet, [...]

Achieving Wireless Coexistence

Automobiles have always been major electrical noise generators. Ignition noise blanked AM radio reception in early models until the auto makers figured out how to eliminate it. Then, as more [...]

Can the GNSS Connection Solve Fully Autonomous Driving Challenges?

The jury is still out on whether GNSS can be an effective tool in driverless cars due to issues regarding multiple communications protocols, longer-range accuracy, and cost.

Is the Fully Autonomous Car Just Around the Corner?

We keep hearing announcements from automotive manufacturers and others that a fully autonomous car that conforms to the SAE Level 5 international standard will be on the market by somewhere [...]

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