California Will Let Autonomous Cars Operate Without Safety Drivers

New rules provide for a link that delivers data on vehicle location and status, allowing two-way communication between a remote operator and any passengers.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing [...]

Ford Seeks Patent for AI-capable Autonomous Police Cars

The vehicle would be able to spot traffic offenders, offer pursuit, and issue tickets.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Technical Writer Last month, AAA released a study showing that people [...]

The multi-switch detection interface: integrated features for smaller, more efficient designs

Get on the fast-track to automotive system innovation with Texas Instruments

It’s probable that in your lifetime, you will drive or ride in a self-driving car. This car will almost certainly be loaded with electronic conveniences and safety devices to make your trip [...]

NXP Expands Automotive Radar IC Family with 77-GHz Options

A full suite of parts includes components for complete radar systems, with features such as seamless integration with NXP’s S32R27x/37x automotive processing platform.   By Murray Slovick, [...]

Design & Test Solutions for Advanced Automotive

Advanced automotive technology for navigation, safety and infotainment involves superb sensor systems, wireless connections, route tracking, driver health monitoring and other capabilities. To [...]

Solutions for 802.11p Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) Measurements

Advanced wireless communications, such as 802.11p, are being used within connected cars to increase safety for car drivers, passengers, and pedestrians through vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and [...]

Automotive FMCW Radar System Design Using 3D Framework for Scenario Modeling

Preventing human casualties caused by car collisions is a high priority. Today, radar systems, such as adaptive cruise control, stop-and-go, blind spot detection, lane change assist, and rear [...]

Nissan’s Future Car Could Read Your Brainwaves

The carmaker’s ambitious new project has the potential to boost drivers’ reaction times.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Nissan has unveiled an ambitious automotive research project [...]

NXP Automated Drive Kit Gets Developers Started with Autonomous Vehicle Control

By William Wong, Technical Editor NXP and worked with AutonomousStuff to deliver the NXP Automated Drive Kit. Building a system to control an autonomous vehicle requires combining a wide range of [...]

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