NTSB: Uber’s Autonomous Car Had Disabled Emergency Braking System

Renesas Pursues Leadership Role in Connected-Car Security

Toyota, Lexus Commit to DSRC V2X Starting in 2021

Toyota Motor Company plans to start deployment of dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) systems on its Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles sold in the United States starting in 2021, with the [...]

China Eases Rules on Autonomous Car Road Tests

Local jurisdictions have been given more leeway to arrange road tests for self-driving vehicles.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor China’s Ministry of Industry and Information [...]

In-Vehicle Connectivity: Dealing with the “Elephant in the Car”

Often overlooked in the push toward self-driving vehicles are requirements for lower total system cost, reduced cable length/weight, and the ability to meet EMC specs.   By Micha Risling, [...]

Concept Car Features Flexible Rear-View Screen and LED Roof Bars

Novares’s third-generation demonstrator aims to ease transition between normal and autonomous driving.

Your Audi Can Now Predict Changes in Traffic Lights

The vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology connects to traffic-signal networks in eight cities to indicate the “time-to-green.”

Toyota to Spend $2.8B Developing Software for Self-Driving Cars

The automaker, in partnership with two suppliers, is creating a new company to accelerate autonomous vehicle development. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Toyota Motor Corp. will spend $2.8 [...]

Interactive Sensor Fusion Block Diagram

Combine data from camera, LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors with TI's extensive portfolio of sensor fusion devices.

Automotive Passive Media Hub Reference Design with Charging and Enhanced Data Path Performance

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