Concept Car Features Flexible Rear-View Screen and LED Roof Bars

Novares’s third-generation demonstrator aims to ease transition between normal and autonomous driving.

Your Audi Can Now Predict Changes in Traffic Lights

The vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology connects to traffic-signal networks in eight cities to indicate the “time-to-green.”

Toyota to Spend $2.8B Developing Software for Self-Driving Cars

The automaker, in partnership with two suppliers, is creating a new company to accelerate autonomous vehicle development. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Toyota Motor Corp. will spend $2.8 [...]

Interactive Sensor Fusion Block Diagram

Combine data from camera, LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors with TI's extensive portfolio of sensor fusion devices.

Automotive Passive Media Hub Reference Design with Charging and Enhanced Data Path Performance

California Will Let Autonomous Cars Operate Without Safety Drivers

New rules provide for a link that delivers data on vehicle location and status, allowing two-way communication between a remote operator and any passengers.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing [...]

Ford Seeks Patent for AI-capable Autonomous Police Cars

The vehicle would be able to spot traffic offenders, offer pursuit, and issue tickets.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Technical Writer Last month, AAA released a study showing that people [...]

The multi-switch detection interface: integrated features for smaller, more efficient designs

Get on the fast-track to automotive system innovation with Texas Instruments

It’s probable that in your lifetime, you will drive or ride in a self-driving car. This car will almost certainly be loaded with electronic conveniences and safety devices to make your trip [...]

NXP Expands Automotive Radar IC Family with 77-GHz Options

A full suite of parts includes components for complete radar systems, with features such as seamless integration with NXP’s S32R27x/37x automotive processing platform.   By Murray Slovick, [...]

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