Velodyne Launches Highest-Resolution LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles

Automotive Radar Sensors – RF Signal Analysis and Inference Tests

Road safety is a global challenge at present and will be in the future. Automotive radar has become a keyword in this area and pushes again a step forward to increase driving comfort, crash [...]

Automated GNSS Performance Tests For ERA-Glonass Modules

Effective January 1, 2017, all newly registered cars, trucks and buses in Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union must be equipped with the ERA-Glonass automatic emergency call system. In an [...]

11 Myths About High-Speed SerDes Design for ADAS

Designing boards for automotive driver-assist systems with SerDes chipsets has prompted a number of myths and misconceptions. This article looks to debunk those fallacies.

Nvidia’s Pegasus AI Computer for Level 5 Autonomous Taxis

License plate-sized computer is said to be capable of over 320 Teraflops per second, more than 10x the performance of its predecessor.

TI Makes Play for ADAS Radar sensors

The ADAS radar sensors market has heavyweight incumbent competitors in Infineon, NXP, and STMicroelectronics. But TI’s single-chip CMOS might be what helps it gets its foot in the door.

Are you passionate about automotive systems?

Ultrasonic sensors can be used in more places than you might think! Explore existing and emerging applications for ultrasonic sensors in your automotive designs.

Why Autonomous Cars Still Pose Serious Security Threats

Though the first autonomous cars are expected to enter the market within the next few years, security experts warn we must work together to counter all potential threats now, or live with the [...]

Integrated Radar Sensors Steer the Way for ADAS

[Sponsored by Texas Instruments] Practical ADAS automotive safety systems are being realized with highly integrated, mixed-signal ICs that can provide multiple radar system operating modes.

Toyota: Human-Centric Approach Through AI

Toyota is propagating a "partnership-based relationship between man and car" with the presentation of new concept cars of the Concept-i family at the Tokyo Motor Show (25 October to 5 November).