NXP and Alibaba Join Forces for Next-Generation Smart Cockpits

By 2020, the two companies look to install an infotainment solution in millions of vehicles throughout China.

Concept Car Features Flexible Rear-View Screen and LED Roof Bars

Novares’s third-generation demonstrator aims to ease transition between normal and autonomous driving.

Nissan’s Plan of Attack: Sell 1 Million Electrified Vehicles Per Year by 2022

That total encompasses the sale of all “electrified” vehicles, meaning all-battery as well as gasoline-hybrid EVs.

Your Audi Can Now Predict Changes in Traffic Lights

The vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology connects to traffic-signal networks in eight cities to indicate the “time-to-green.”

Toyota to Spend $2.8B Developing Software for Self-Driving Cars

The automaker, in partnership with two suppliers, is creating a new company to accelerate autonomous vehicle development. By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Toyota Motor Corp. will spend $2.8 [...]

ON Semi Introduces AEC-Q100 Image Sensors for Dash Cams

With its 1928 × 1088 active-pixel array, the CMOS sensor delivers both low-light and high-dynamic-range scene performance.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor With insurance companies [...]

Taxi Driver-less: Autonomous Cab Service Coming to Arizona

Look out Uber! Waymo is set to launch a commercial driverless taxi fleet in the Phoenix area.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor  The race to place self-driving cars into the [...]

California Will Let Autonomous Cars Operate Without Safety Drivers

New rules provide for a link that delivers data on vehicle location and status, allowing two-way communication between a remote operator and any passengers.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing [...]

Ford Seeks Patent for AI-capable Autonomous Police Cars

The vehicle would be able to spot traffic offenders, offer pursuit, and issue tickets.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Technical Writer Last month, AAA released a study showing that people [...]

A Faster, Longer-Range E-Racer Debuts

The fully-electric next generation car to be used in FIA’s 2018–19 Formula E Street Racing Championship shows a strikingly futuristic new design.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Technical [...]

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