A Faster, Longer-Range E-Racer Debuts

The fully-electric next generation car to be used in FIA’s 2018–19 Formula E Street Racing Championship shows a strikingly futuristic new design.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Technical [...]

Hyundai’s Latest EVs Self-Drive from Seoul to the Winter Olympics

Hydrogen-powered cars make 118-mile journey at highway speeds, while navigating traffic and toll gates.   Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Hyundai Motor Company has kicked it up a notch [...]

NXP Expands Automotive Radar IC Family with 77-GHz Options

A full suite of parts includes components for complete radar systems, with features such as seamless integration with NXP’s S32R27x/37x automotive processing platform.   By Murray Slovick, [...]

ON Semiconductor Introduces Scalable Image Sensor Platform for ADAS, Autonomous Driving

Sensors offer 1.2 to 8.3MP resolution, ASIL-C safety, and high dynamic range.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor As the industry moves from Level 2 systems for emergency autonomous [...]

Nissan’s Future Car Could Read Your Brainwaves

The carmaker’s ambitious new project has the potential to boost drivers’ reaction times.   By Murray Slovick, Contributing Editor Nissan has unveiled an ambitious automotive research project [...]

A 15-Minute Battery Charge by 2022, Says Honda

Honda is working on a new battery technology that by 2022 would permit fully electric cars to run 240 km (about 150 miles) on a single 15-minute charge. First reported in Nikkei Asian News, Honda [...]

Infotainment: What’s Next & the Challenge of Testing It

Infotainment systems have become a central hub for a number of vehicle functions, all running on a large touch display generally in the center of the dashboard. With vehicle and driver [...]

Velodyne Launches Highest-Resolution LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles

In engineering you are cautioned against making sweeping generalizations and you try not to engage in hyperbole. Nevertheless, Velodyne has come out with a new LiDAR unit, designated VLS-128, and [...]

BMW, Daimler, Ford, VW Joint Venture to Add 400 Charging Stations in Europe by 2020

A group of four automakers has teamed up to build a network of fast chargers across Europe as countries promote electric vehicles (EVs) as a way to meet emissions goals. Called Ionity and based [...]

Nvidia’s Pegasus AI Computer for Level 5 Autonomous Taxis

License plate-sized computer is said to be capable of over 320 Teraflops per second, more than 10x the performance of its predecessor.