Emerging Solutions to Hybrid & Electric Vehicle DC: DC Converter Design and Test

When I was six years old, I got a remote-control car as a present from my dad. With just a click of a button, I was able to control the car and it was running all around my home.

Challenges and Solutions for Power Testing in Automotive Applications

This technical overview provides a synopsis of automotive electronic systems, the challenges they face and what tools automotive electronics engineers need to meet them. It concludes with a [...]

Increasing Reliability and Efficiency in Next Generation Power Converter Designs (Part 1)

This is part one in a four part series that takes a look at each stage of the power converter design cycle. At each stage we will look at design and test challenges of next generation power [...]

Design & Test Solutions for Advanced Automotive

Advanced automotive technology for navigation, safety and infotainment involves superb sensor systems, wireless connections, route tracking, driver health monitoring and other capabilities. To [...]

Solutions for 802.11p Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) Measurements

Advanced wireless communications, such as 802.11p, are being used within connected cars to increase safety for car drivers, passengers, and pedestrians through vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and [...]

Automotive FMCW Radar System Design Using 3D Framework for Scenario Modeling

Preventing human casualties caused by car collisions is a high priority. Today, radar systems, such as adaptive cruise control, stop-and-go, blind spot detection, lane change assist, and rear [...]