Electric Mobility Threatens Stability of Electricity Supply, Study Says

By Christoph Hammerschmidt, Contributing Editor Many see electric driving as a technology of the future. But it’s not that simple: An analysis by consulting firm Oliver Wyman warns of [...]

Denso Buys Smart Automotive Access Company InfiniKey

Today’s remote car keys don’t meet the increased needs for flexible, automotive comfortable access control solutions anymore. Many observers believe that smartphone-based software / hardware [...]

New Substrates Improve Thermal Management of Power Circuits

Substrates are base material of a circuit board. As such, they play a decisive role in the design of compact assemblies, as they must have high thermal conductivity. Only then can they dissipate [...]

Karamba Heals CAN bus’ Innate Lack of Security

As automobiles become increasingly networked, they are also increasingly becoming the target of cyber-attacks. One of the most vulnerable elements of vehicles is the venerable CAN bus – at the [...]

Agile Sensor Technology May Surpass Lidar

Robotic perception startup AEye (Pleasanton, CA) has demonstrated what it calls a new form of intelligent data collection through optical sensors: iDAR. The acronym is not a typo but stands for [...]

Hella Develops Communication Concept for Automated Vehicles

Before pedestrians cross the road in front of a car, they usually seek eye contact with the driver. This could change in the future. Because when fully automated vehicles are on the road, the [...]

USB Hub Chips Allow Flexible Infotainment Options

The new smart hub ICs provide a range of specific USB configurations including single- and dual-bus implementations for optimal connection to infotainment systems. This article previously [...]

Toyota: Human-Centric Approach Through AI

Toyota is propagating a "partnership-based relationship between man and car" with the presentation of new concept cars of the Concept-i family at the Tokyo Motor Show (25 October to 5 November).

Will Spar Over RF Standards Endanger V2X Roll-out?

Which technology is best suited for Vehicle-to-X communications? This question continues to occupy the industry. The ITS-G5 technology, which is based on the modified IEEE 802...