Going Solo with Electric Cars

By William Wong, Technical Editor If you’re on the hunt for a personal electric vehicle, check out Electra Meccanica’s Solo (see photo). The company will be showing it at this year’s Consumer [...]

Should You Shut Out Hackers from Inside the Car or the Cloud?

By James Morra, Associate Content Producer The security schemes built to protect connected cars from hackers will extend from the electronics architecture to the cloud, where programs will cut [...]

Denso Buys Smart Automotive Access Company InfiniKey

Today’s remote car keys don’t meet the increased needs for flexible, automotive comfortable access control solutions anymore. Many observers believe that smartphone-based software / hardware [...]

Achieving Automotive Functional Safety through Runtime Monitoring

As the amount and complexity of automotive safety-critical functions continues to expand, the need for regular in-line monitoring of electronic systems will grow as well. Here is an example of a [...]

Closed-loop, Multichannel A2B Audio Testing

In collaboration with Mentor, a Siemens business, Audio Precision is now supporting multichannel audio performance testing of A2B (Automotive Audio Bus) systems and components. A2B is the digital [...]

With Apps and Cars, It’s Location, Location, Location

Automotive, location-based applications will go beyond just their navigation capabilities. By William Wong, Technical Editor A global-positioning-system (GPS) radio is now found in most [...]

New Substrates Improve Thermal Management of Power Circuits

Substrates are base material of a circuit board. As such, they play a decisive role in the design of compact assemblies, as they must have high thermal conductivity. Only then can they dissipate [...]

Osram Secures Multiple LED Offering in Snap Autonomous Concept Vehicle

LED solutions provider Osram Opto Semiconductors is the exclusive lighting partner for Swiss-based concept car designer Rinspeed who will be launching its Snap autonomous concept vehicle at the [...]

Karamba Heals CAN bus’ Innate Lack of Security

As automobiles become increasingly networked, they are also increasingly becoming the target of cyber-attacks. One of the most vulnerable elements of vehicles is the venerable CAN bus – at the [...]

BMW Teams with Solid Power on Battery Technology

BMW is working with a spin off from the University of Colorado on new solid state battery technology for its electric cars. It is working with Solid Power to boost the performance of its xEV [...]

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